Presearch Adjusts Node Rewards Model to Bolster Sustainability

In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized platforms, Presearch, a pioneering decentralized search engine, recently unveiled its intention to revise its node reward system. Aimed...

Presearch: The Best Decentralized Search Engine That Gives You Control

The search engine has become an essential tool for navigating the vast and ever-growing internet. However, centralized search engines like Google and Bing collect...

Flux Nodes – Time to Diversify

Well you may not know but this started as a mining blog. But with the increasing costs of electricity in Europe and the downturn...

Running a Presearch Node on Flux – Super Simple!

I have set up 3 Presearch Nodes on flux, with a 1 flux fee per month at the moment its one of the cheapest options to host. Basically paying for running a node in a day or two.

Web 3 and Blockchain – Now and in the future!

What could Web 3 and Blockchain do in the future? I love data and all things it helps us with in our everyday lives. Blockchains are just decentralized data that can't be tampered with devalued or corrupted. Or at least if it is done right!

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