Presearch Adjusts Node Rewards Model to Bolster Sustainability

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In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized platforms, Presearch, a pioneering decentralized search engine, recently unveiled its intention to revise its node reward system. Aimed at ensuring long-term sustainability for the platform, this strategic move is poised to strike a balance between the needs of node operators and the overarching objectives of the platform

A Backbone of Commitment

Node operators stand as the lifeblood of Presearch. Since the initiation of nodes in early 2021, these operators have not just contributed infrastructure to power searches but have played a paramount role in fostering a decentralized ecosystem. By delivering consistent engagement and lending unyielding support, they’ve bolstered the network’s security and enhanced its resilience.

Presearch’s ambitious vision of creating the world’s first decentralized web index for next-gen search and AI experiences relies heavily on these operators. And with over 73,000 nodes, many of which are sustained through VPSes (virtual private servers), this decentralized dream is in full swing.

A Community-Centric Approach

In an open dialogue initiated by Tim during the 8/15/2023 AMA, node operators globally contributed their perspectives on potential changes to the reward model. Echoing the sentiments of many, there was a broad agreement that rewards required recalibration for the platform’s sustainability.

Financially, current gross APY for node operations can be remarkably high, reaching up to 60% for 1k nodes. While lucrative, such margins create challenges for long-term sustainability, especially considering the varying infrastructure costs borne by different operators.

Towards a Balanced Future

To address the above concerns, Presearch has embarked on a strategy that champions both sustainability and fairness. Instead of abrupt changes, they’re adopting a gradual method. Commencing September 1st, the daily reward pool will undergo a decrement of $1,500 each month, continuing until a sustainable balance between rewards and infrastructure needs is attained.

In tandem with these reductions, Presearch envisions a parallel upswing in platform usage. By realigning its growth strategies and tapping into alternative avenues like the Search API, they aim to harness node infrastructure more efficiently.

The Path Forward

Presearch’s commitment to its community remains unwavering. They’re actively soliciting feedback and ideas, understanding that collaborative brainstorming will be the key to future innovations.

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In the realm of decentralized platforms, Presearch is not just breaking barriers but shaping the future of search and AI experiences. Their recent move is a testament to their commitment to evolution, sustainability, and community.

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