Web 3 and Blockchain – Now and in the future!

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What could Web 3 and Blockchain do in the future? I love data and all things it helps us with in our everyday lives. Blockchains are just decentralized data that can’t be tampered with devalued or corrupted. Or at least if it is done right!

I think that’s why crypto has taken off in a big way. But how can we use it in the future? So far we have games, virtual property, currency, art and more. All supported by the community for the community.

What could Web 3 and blockchain do now and in the future?

Merger of technologies is bound to happen, with Web 3 projects like Flux bringing the full AWS stack. Timpi and Presearch giving you decentralized search engines and much more on the horizon like Flux giving you private, decentralized document storage and sharing. All innovation happening now.

Purchasing new products, instead of a barcode its connected via a blockchain to the seller. You need both to to prove ownership. Like a second layer of security.

How about this one, what about Websites and Web 2 infrastructure running on Decentralized infrastructure, you might think its far off but it isn’t. Its happening now. With persistent storage incoming over 40 % of the web could be launched on things like Flux.



Will blockchain be able to make us more connected, swapping earned NFTs. Acquiring new friends in the process. What about hosting games platforms and servers. We have already started to see this with Flux and its just beginning.

So in conclusion, now you know why I don’t care about the current price. With this much going on and the drive for decentralization its going to give at some point in the next few years. Otherwise you are supressing technology advancement in my view.

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