Running a Presearch Node on Flux – Super Simple!

    I have set up 3 Presearch Nodes on flux, with a small flux fee per month at the moment its one of the cheapest options to host. Basically paying for running a node in a day or two.

    You can now also extend up to a year subscription too take advantage of the low price.

    Set up a Zelcore Wallet

    The first thing you will need is a Zelcore Wallet. this is easy to setup and you can download and set them up on your mobile phone or desktop – Zelcore Wallet.

    Next, go to and login with your ZelID. This can be found in the apps section of the Zelcore wallet and is used to securely sign the transaction to log you into

    Once you have logged in go to marketplace and select Presearch. It will ask you to enter your registration code. For this you will have to have a presearch account the go to

    Once this is setup enter your Node Registration Code from your Node Dashboard.

    Configure the app

    Click Start Launching Marketplace App and then click Next.

    Next, sign App Message with Zelcore. Zelcore will open then click Approve to sign the message. Select Presearch Click on PresearchNode in the list of apps in marketplace. Go back to Flux and click the Next button to continue.

    Pay with Zelcore

    Next, click Pay with Zelcore, Zelcore will then open with all payment details populated. Click Send to send the payment. Currently this is 1 flux so you will need to have some in your wallet. Once you’ve sent the payment, go back to Flux and click Finish. Once the next block has been mined your nodes will be spawned. In the left hand menu click Apps then Global Apps then My Apps and your nodes should be visible.

    If you want to buy some flux and need some presearch to stake you can buy them both on Kukoin – here is my referral link. Other exchanges like Binance can help as well.

    Stake your PRE

    Once the node is up and running, Head to your Node Dashboard to stake PRE on your nodes! Select the nodes with the best reliability you will get 3 to 4 instances on flux to stake as well.

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