Flux Nodes – Time to Diversify

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Well you may not know but this started as a mining blog. But with the increasing costs of electricity in Europe and the downturn of the crypto markets. Maybe its time to Diversify? Why not try a presearch node.

Having an extra source of income and supporting Crypto and Web 3 have been my passion for the last couple of years. Building up a GPU mining farm to over 1 GH, maintaining it and learning lots in the process. It helped to spike my interest in Networking as well which I will touch on in the future.

What do I mean?

There are other ways to gain an income from crypto, a lot of the kit and infrastructure you have invested in can be reused. CPU’s that meet the spec, hard drives in the future you may all be able to use. As well as proof of useful work which will launch on flux.

You can set up flux nodes, as linked you can see that I have used a CPU rig and converted it into a Hypervisor. Its not as complicated as you think and in the coming weeks I will try to guide you through various options.

There are also other ways to earn income, you can set up a presearch node on flux as well. This is cheaper than using a VPS at the moment.

What else is in the works?

We will be looking into the network requirements and other options for flux. Also hardware my cpu rig is quite big. I have an Intel Nuc to reuse from chia plotting which could support 2-3 nodes. This should be easy to just place next to your router at home.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to collaborate or feature anything with us please get in touch.

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