Presearch: The Best Decentralized Search Engine That Gives You Control

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The search engine has become an essential tool for navigating the vast and ever-growing internet. However, centralized search engines like Google and Bing collect user data and use it to display targeted ads, which can compromise privacy. This is where Presearch comes in, a decentralized search engine that gives users more control and privacy.

What is Presearch?

Presearch is a blockchain-based search engine that uses a token economy to incentivize users to contribute and enhance the platform. The Presearch Token (PRE) is used to reward users for participating in the network, such as conducting searches, contributing to community governance, and referring new users.

How does it work?

Presearch uses a distributed network of independent nodes, which allows the platform to provide decentralized search results. Users can choose from a variety of search engines, including Google, Wikipedia, and Twitter, or add their own custom search engine. Presearch also allows users to earn PRE tokens for using the platform, which can be used to purchase advertising or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Privacy and Control

One of the significant advantages of Presearch is its commitment to user privacy. Presearch does not track or store user data, and the platform has built-in privacy features that allow users to conduct searches without leaving a trace. Additionally, Presearch’s browser extension blocks ads and trackers, giving users more control over their online experience.


Presearch is a community-driven project, and the platform’s governance model allows users to have a say in the development and direction of the project. Presearch is built on open-source software, which means that anyone can contribute to the platform’s development.

Lets Review

Presearch is an exciting and innovative project that is changing the way we think about search engines. By leveraging blockchain technology and token incentives, Presearch provides a decentralized and user-centric alternative to centralized search engines. Whether you’re concerned about privacy, looking to earn cryptocurrency, or just want a more customized search experience, Presearch is worth checking out.


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