The Ultimate Guide to Deploying Neurai Fullnode and Neurai-ElectrumX Server Using Flux Marketplace

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Introduction to Flux and Neurai

Flux is a pioneering force in the Web 3.0 landscape, embodying the ethos of decentralization and empowerment for individuals. It operates a robust, decentralized cloud, supported by over 12,000 nodes worldwide, offering substantial computational resources. This guide will navigate you through deploying Neurai Fullnode or a Neurai-ElectrumX server via the Flux Marketplace.

Neurai leverages AI and blockchain technology for data analytics and IoT device connectivity. This guide is your step-by-step companion to utilizing these powerful tools.

Getting Started with Flux and Neurai

Before diving into the deployment process, ensure you have a ZelID account, available through Zelcore ( Remember to enable d2FA for added security.

Steps to Authenticate and Deploy on Flux Marketplace

  1. Authenticate with ZelID:
    • Visit and log in with your ZelID.
    • If you don’t have a ZelID, download and install the Zelcore app and enable d2FA.
  2. Selecting Your Neurai Application:
  3. Launching Your Application:
    • Click on “Start Launching Marketplace App.”
    • Follow the instructions, including signing with your ZelID, and then click “Next.”
    • Review the monthly cost and click “Register Flux App.”
  4. Completing Payment:
    • You will receive payment details in FLUX.
    • Choose “Pay with Zelcore” to complete the transaction.
  5. Finalizing Deployment:
    • Wait approximately 10–30 minutes for your Neurai infrastructure to be activated.

Managing Your Neurai Infrastructure

Once logged in with your ZelID:

  • Navigate to “Global Apps” and then “My Apps” to manage and view your Neurai deployments.
  • Utilize the “Automatic Domains” generated by the Flux-Domain-Manager for your deployments.
  • Access http and https endpoints listed to interact with your Neurai-ElectrumX servers.

Port Usage for Full Node and Electrumx

  • Full Node: Port 36735 for RPC.
  • Electrumx: Ports 36741 (No-SSL), 36742 (SSL), and 36743 (RPC).

Monitoring and Renewing Your Deployment

  • Check the logs of your Node to ensure proper syncing.
  • Your subscription is initially for 22,000 Flux blocks (~1 month). Remember to renew it to avoid network disconnection.
  • To renew, log in with your ZelID, navigate to “Manage App” under “My Apps,” and follow the instructions for payment.

Conclusion and Additional Resources

Deploying Neurai on the Flux Marketplace is a straightforward process that brings you to the forefront of decentralized, AI-powered blockchain technology. For more information and to deepen your understanding, visit the official websites:

Embark on this journey to contribute to and benefit from the innovative realms of Flux and Neurai.

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