Blocksquare – Ecosystems Coming together for the future of Real Estate!

Blocksquare is a tokenization infrastructure for Real Estate and they have recently joined up with Flux to host some of there infrastructure. Bringing with...

Timpi – Reclaim Your Privacy and Search Data

The Timpi Project first caught my eye a while ago, I am very aware of Data Privacy and the issues that we have in...

Timpi: A New Source of Truth for the Digital Age

In a world where privacy concerns and data security are increasingly in the spotlight, it's crucial to take control of our online presence. Enter...

Running a Presearch Node on Flux – Super Simple!

I have set up 3 Presearch Nodes on flux, with a 1 flux fee per month at the moment its one of the cheapest options to host. Basically paying for running a node in a day or two.

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