Kadena – 2023 Road Map Moving to the Future

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Kadena is looking strong with its technical Roadmap for 2023. Bringing key technical functionality and support to various IDEs to allow developers even more flexibility to use the platform.

The recent update below from Kadena is making it even easier for developers to get onboard during 2023 which can only be positive for the project.

Check out the below update from Kadena, sourced from https://medium.com/kadena-io/kadena-2023-live-technical-road-map-f762ce4bb046

Kadena 2023 Live Technical Roadmap

Entering 2023 Kadena will narrow our focus on developing its ecosystem through technical developments. Such as refining the builder onboarding process and improving our blockchain’s efficiency.

As well as helping new developers build it will allow new developers to enjoy the Kaden ecosystem.

  1. Kadena.js — New tools, resources, tutorials, and learning platform to increase and enhance the developer onboarding experience.
  2. Pact — Upgrades to Kadena’s smart contract language to improve user and builder experience
  3. Chainweb — Upgrades to Chainweb to enhance the blockchain’s efficiency, scalability, and decentralization.

The Kadena 2023 Live Roadmap is meant to fuel user and ecosystem growth and will continually evolve over the course of the year. We invite our community and anyone else to chime in and provide feedback and/or suggestions to make Kadena better as we head into the new year.


Kadena.js tools are designed to assist developers achieve a specific function or goal with their application. At Kadena, our team is designing the following to help our community of developers build with efficiency and ease through better environments for coding and testing:

  • IDE support for VSCode
  • IDE Support for Intelij
  • Tool for deployments
  • Tools for code generation
  • WalletConnect multi-tx signing API specification


Kadena.js is a library that makes it easier for builders to interact with the Kadena blockchain using JavaScript/TypeScript. It includes but is not limited to libraries, tooling, dApps, tutorials, and more. The Kadena.js team has massively expanded in 2022 and now has intricate plans in 2023 to launch new tools and resources to increase and enhance the developer onboarding experience.


If you are interested in any of the source code libraries for Kadena they are all below. Always building why not check out the project and deploy on Kadena.

They will be adding the following to our Libs in 2023 so watch this space:

  • @kadena/chainweb-node-client — Pact js wrapper with fetch to call the Pact API REST endpoints.
  • @kadena/wallet-client — client for wallet to sign, connect, retrieve account info, etc
  • @kadena/marmalade-client specific client for marmalade/NFTs
  • @kadena/transaction-templates, which is a supportive library for transactions. Transaction-templates provide the community with a way to “publish” templates. These templates can be used by @kadena/pactjs-cli to generate the necessary TypeScript functions
  • @Kadena/chainwebjs
  • @kadena/sse-client
  • @kadena/react

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