Neoxa: The Revolutionary Gaming Blockchain Uniting Gamers and Miners

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Get ready for the future of gaming with Neoxa, a unique blockchain that rewards gamers and miners in one seamless platform.

Gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it’s time to unite under a revolutionary blockchain that has the potential to change the gaming and cryptocurrency landscape forever. Introducing Neoxa, a one-of-a-kind blockchain that combines the best of both worlds, creating a platform where gamers can earn cryptocurrency while playing their favorite games and miners can mine the same cryptocurrency through Proof of Work (PoW).

A New Era of Gaming

The innovative Neoxa blockchain uses both PoW and a new concept called Proof of Game (PoG). With PoG, gamers can participate in the blockchain and earn $NEOX simply by playing games. Neoxa’s vision is to allow gamers to purchase their next game using $NEOX earned from playing on Neoxa Proof of Game servers. This means the more you play, the more you can earn and expand your gaming collection!

Neoxa’s development team has taken an important step to ensure that its game servers are compliant with game studios’ end-user license agreements (EULAs). The team has been in communication with game representatives to ensure that Neoxa’s game servers are approved before launch, giving gamers and investors peace of mind that the platform is legitimate and will not face legal issues. This further underscores Neoxa’s commitment to bridging the worlds of gaming and cryptocurrency in a sustainable, secure, and compliant manner.

Unprecedented Use Cases

Neoxa has a plethora of use cases that make it a standout in the cryptocurrency market. From in-game item purchases and cosmetics to assets purchasable with $NEOX, Neoxa aims to become the go-to currency for gaming enthusiasts. Here’s what sets Neoxa apart:

  1. Transfer of value
  2. Transfer of assets
  3. Gaming purchases
  4. In-game item purchases
  5. In-game cosmetics purchases
  6. Assets purchasable with $NEOX
  7. Creator donations (tips)
  8. Server play-to-earn with $NEOX
  9. Gaming servers hosted with $NEOX payments

In the future, Neoxa plans to collaborate with developers and hobbyists to allow them to run their servers using a play-to-earn model. This approach will help gaming server hosts grow their user base and potentially profit from in-game items and cosmetics.

The Neoxa Marketplace: A Game Changer

The Neoxa marketplace is a platform where people can buy in-game items and cosmetics on the Neoxa Proof of Game servers. They purchase items with Neoxa, 100% of the Neoxa is then burned. The marketplace is currently active

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Soon, there will be a Neoxa gaming portal. This portal will feature all the Neoxa servers, player statistics, total burns and and player burns. This portal will be an all-in-one solution for everything Proof of Game. The marketplace will also be on the portal.

Proof of Game: Earning While Playing

Neoxa’s Proof of Game mechanism can be implemented on any video game that supports custom servers and data tracking. The development team has already implemented Proof of Game earning structures for the current popular games Rust, Minecraft and GTA 5 (FiveM RP Server).

Some of the latest Alpha

  • Masternodes in development with multiple nodes per IP” This is to begin with, in future when streaming is live it will be even 1 IP per 1MN
  • Partnership deals in progress with a top 10 exchange listing underway
  • Censorship-resistant streaming platform planned on top of masternodes
  • Game servers to be hosted on masternodes
  • SDK for mobile games and potential for Proof-of-Gaming (PoG) in the future
  • Rocket League plans on hold
  • Neoxa Game Servers approved by game studios before launch
  • Mobile games to be monetized with a percentage bought and burned or used for marketing
  • Neoxa to be listed in innovation zone with marketing on masternodes launch
  • Monthly AMA planned on Twitter with possible resource sharing from partners


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