Introducing Marmalade V2: The Revolution for NFT Smart Contract Technology

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Marmalade, a cherished name in the realm of NFT smart contracts on Kadena’s blockchain, has come a long way. And today, we’re thrilled to introduce the evolved and revamped Marmalade V2, now live on testnet!

A Glimpse into Marmalade’s Journey

Originally built as a pioneering NFT smart contract system on Kadena, Marmalade quickly set its roots deep. Several years into action, the team perceived the scope for elevation, leading to the birth of Marmalade V2—an enhanced, user-friendly version.

Introducing the Ledger: The Heart of Interaction

The ledger remains central to Marmalade, functioning as the hub for user activities. Main functions it boasts include:

  • Token Creation: Crafting a token complete with URI, policies, and precision.
  • Token Management: Minting, burning, and transferring.
  • Sales Protocol: A comprehensive three-step sale process for secure transfers.

Policy Manager: The Game-Changer

Say hello to the policy-manager—a groundbreaking introduction in Marmalade V2. Acting as the bridge between the ledger and policies, it hosts the following:

Concrete Policies: Simplifying Token Creation

With Marmalade V2’s mission to embrace a broader audience, it provides a collection of predefined policies, termed as concrete policies. These cover popular token features, easing the token creation process. Plus, there’s room for customization, ensuring flexibility for all!

Quoted Sale: Secure and Streamlined Sales

The transition from Marmalade V1 to V2 introduces a sophisticated sale process. The Policy Manager now harbors this fungible transfer feature, ensuring secure transfers, innovative auctions, and consistent marketplace processes.

Escrows: Safety First!

Safety and transparency stand paramount. The Policy Manager enforces a standard for fund collection and distribution among sellers, buyers, and policies, primarily via an escrow mechanism.

Reserve Sale: Direct Calls for Precision**

The following reserve Sale is being reworked by the team, notably to remove reserve-sale-at-price to take a simpler approach that actually improves flexibility and security. Reserve Sale: Direct Calls for Precision** A distinctive function, reserve-sale-at-price, awaits discovery within the Policy Manager. Intended to operate directly, it bridges the ‘offer’ and ‘buy’ actions, activating only after the initial ‘quote’ is set.

A distinctive function, reserve-sale-at-price, awaits discovery within the Policy Manager. Intended to operate directly, it bridges the ‘offer’ and ‘buy’ actions, activating only after the initial ‘quote’ is set.

Diving into the Quote Manager

The Quote Manager shines as the custodian for adding or updating quotes. Functioning under its umbrella are exclusive quotes, accessible only by the Policy Manager.

Quote Guards: A Special Mention

Introduced in the Reserve Sale, quote guards stand as a select list of guards capable of invoking the reserve-sale-at-price function. Sellers possess the power to modify this list, simulating participation in multiple auctions.

In Review

Marmalade V2, with its multifaceted policy model and middleware contracts, signifies a leap in simplifying token creation and management. Through this exposition, we aspire to enlighten builders, especially those keen on policy design and auctions, about the intricacies of Marmalade’s architecture. Join us in celebrating this milestone!

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