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Flux has been developing the next generation of cloud computing for some time now and it’s growing fast. It is developing a suite of applications to rival big tech at a fraction of the price they are charging. I am really looking forwards to the competition in the space.

I just wanted to take some time to reflect on the project and its achievements throughout the year. Highlighting their work as they continue to build through the bear market.

Flux is part of a growing ecosystem of Web 3 projects supporting each other in a time that most would isolate. It shows how far we have come in a journey to collaboratively build the next generation of Web 3.

A message from Dan Keller – Flux Co-founder and CSO

I have reached out to Dan Keller – Co-founder of Flux and would like to thank him for his reflection and answer to my question. What do you believe are some of the key achievements of flux for the last year?

Dan Keller Co-Founder of Flux

“Flux has been a leader in development of iterative tech throughout 2022 and this will continue into 2023. The Flux team and community have led the way throughout the year delivering week after week on all of our milestones to bring us to where we are today. So thanks to the entire team for your support throughout the year.

We have delivered IPFS, Flux Drive, Project Thunder and Jetpack 2.0 just to name a few with a huge effort from the core development team who continue to build the project out, they are doing an amazing job. I would like to give a shout out to our Flux new and old partners, we will continue to support and build the future of web 3 together.

With the help of our strong communities from Node Operators, Miners and everyone else helping the ecosystem. I would like to say thank you. We will continue to build the future of Cloud Computing on Flux and next year will continue to lead the way in disruptive technology.

Lets Fluxin’ go in 2023. “


Lots more to come!

The pace does not seem to be slowing either. With WordPress on the horizon and the lead into the development of Proof of Useful work. The futures is bright and I am looking forwards to documenting the journey of some great projects next year.

Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas and New Year. Keep in touch and follow me and twitter and before I forget a huge shout out to https://twitter.com/RegEvNormGuy AKA Reg for the artwork, definitely worth a follow.

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