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Kazora is the world’s first AAA shooter game built on the Kadena blockchain and is powered by Unreal Engine. This ground-breaking title bridges the gap between gaming and DeFi, allowing players to earn yield from their gaming experience.

Utilising the advantages of Kadena’s Pact language and gas stations, Kazora is designed to prioritise gameplay and quality whilst aiming to draw millions of gamers into the Kadena ecosystem.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the Kazora team for letting me use and source some of there content for this post. This project looks awesome and hopefully the first of many too come utilizing Kadena and Flux infrastructure. Yet another example of developers working together to further technology and application in the Web 3 ecosystem. Well done for the work so far looks great!

Building on Kadena

Entering the blockchain space in 2017, I quickly realised that while blockchain technology was revolutionary, it had some underlying problems that needed to be addressed to unlock its potential. These included scalability, high fees, and a lack of security — the “blockchain trilemma.” The core technology would need to be developed further to address these issues.

In 2021, I encountered Kadena, a blockchain built with its unique Pact language. It was the only Proof-of-Work blockchain that could scale efficiently, taking the core fundamentals of Bitcoin and developing it with advanced capabilities. I was very impressed by Kadena and highly excited about its potential.

With my vast knowledge of gaming and passion for blockchain, I knew a first-person shooter built on Kadena could be enormously successful for the platform’s adoption. As a major fan of Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, I was excited to have the opportunity to work on such a project. If done right, I knew it could make a huge difference to Kadena’s popularity.

Kazora Roadmap

I am going to be following this project closely. This looks to be a fast paced project with a solid team. It also opens up possibilities for further expansion possibilities and iterative updates to the platform in the future. So watch this space and follow me and the Kazora team on twitter,

Kazora Roadmap

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

The first-person shooter game market boasts 60 million daily users, making it a prime target for blockchain gaming.

The next phase of Web 3.0 gaming is bringing everyday gamers into the space. Our focus will be to remove such barriers to make P2E accessible to a wide range of audiences. DeFi can be explored in a new and exciting way, allowing players to own, customize, and trade their in-game NFTs that offer utility.

Core Team

Kazora was born with a vision to create a highly talented team who could turn its concept into a reality. After countless hours of hard work and dedication, that team has grown to 8 members and is still expanding. Today, we stand proudly behind our success in producing something truly special.

Having formed a strong team early on we are making good progress, team members include a Pact developer, Game dev that has over 10 years experience in C++ / Blueprint and a Environment Designer that has 8+ years in the game industry.

The correct building blocks are being put in place from the very beginning that will allow our game to scale efficiently. We are focused on building a game with quality, fun and progression. We are excited to share our progress in the coming weeks!

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