Unlock RX 6800 XT Mining Potential with Our Review of Flux Overclocks

    This post is will give a breakdown on the 6800 XT – check out our review and let me know your thoughts. Does it surpass the 5700xt. On stock settings, both cards showed the same hash result. Which is not surprising, but different power consumption levels.

    The card recently got a performance boost on Flux of up to 20% on lolMiner, so please leave me your thoughts on Social Media. With Ethereum moving to POS it seems like its a great time to discover new projects. I have been researching a few in the run up and will be providing project overviews in the coming months.

    6800 XT Mining Overview and Settings

    Lets talk about overclocks, the 6800 XT is solid on most coins. With the recent boost to AMD 6000 series cards this should now be boosted 10 to 20 %.

    Flux Mining Overclocks – 55 Sol/s at 200 Watts

    RX 6800 XT ZelHash (FLUX) Mining Overclocks:

    • Core Voltage (VDD): 700
    • Power Limit (%): NA
    • Core Clock (CClock): 2225 (Locked)
    • Memory Clock (MClock): NA
    • Fan Speed (%): 70% ± based on your temps.

    Credit check out his site.

    It is worth noting that the latest AMD drivers for video cards have a new function Memory Timings  – FAST TIMINGS, which is obviously designed to increase the performance of video cards in mining cryptocurrencies.

    First of all, this is the ability to increase the video memory frequency by more than 150MHZ and a more aggressive downvolt. Do not forget about Infinity Cash. Which has not yet been discounted, because mining is not limited to just one Dagger Hashimoto algorithm.


    Profitability is changing constantly, check out WhatToMine for the latest updates. Right now I am focusing on the fundamentals of the projects not just price for the next bull run.

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