Awesome Flux GIF Competition – Join the Fun!

    Its time to celebrate 15,000 nodes on Flux, so I will be holding a GIF competition as you may have seen on Twitter. This is aimed at getting more Flux GIFS on the Library which is fed by Tenor for you all to share.

    Ill do the work and get you GIFs onto the library, so watch out to see your own stuff being shared by the Flux community!

    Competition Terms

    Ok its pretty simple really, here are the rules:-

    • Theme: Flux
    • Tag 3 Friends or more and like and retweet the post
    • Follow @runonflux and @tsncrypto on twitter
    • Winner announced on Sunday 9th October.
    • Winner is chosen based on RT and Likes of users GIFs, by the community, for the Community – I will allocate points based on each and look to take out bot submissions.

    Competition Rewards

    The winner will receive 150 Flux.

    How to Make a GIF

    In this next section I will post a couple of Youtube Videos I have found that could help. This video will show you how to download a GIF from twitter.

    Credit: tech insider

    Ok you know how to download a GIF, here is how you can amend one or make one from scratch.

    Credit: Tech Boomers

    Once complete pop it on the thread for people to RT and like…Simples.

    And the Winner Is?

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