Timpi – Reclaim Your Privacy and Search Data

    The Timpi Project first caught my eye a while ago, I am very aware of Data Privacy and the issues that we have in the world around us. Data not always been used for good intentions but to market and get you to buy things through suggestive marketing. Timpi will fix this. That’s why I thought it would be good to give a breakdown of how the project will help you get back your privacy and search data results.

    I stumbled across some of there posts on Facebook, its a small following so check them out there as well as twitter and help them grow.

    Learn About Timpi

    If you are interested and want to learn more about Timpi and Do Your Own Research check out the video. These guys have been working in the industry for a while now.

    Node Structure

    Timpi is indexing all its own websites, currently 280 Million Sites a day, which is a huge undertaking which is well under way. It also will have a node offering I will do a separate post on that once I have done some research on the full details and do an update post. But this is the basic breakdown from the Timpi website.

    Guardians will be rewarded in $Timpi tokens based on the amount of database space they allocate. A percentage of revenue will be allocated and distributed to all Guardians for that period.

    Timpi Benefits over other search engines

    Well lets look at the benefits, I think this infographic pretty much says it all. Its a Private, Decentralized Search Engine. That gives unbiased results to stop influence on your search results.

    Timpi Benefits

    Thanks for reading and if you would like to support there project check them out on Facebook

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