Hot off the Flux Update!

    The Flux ecosystem is growing so fast that I cant keep up with it. So on a weekly basis I am going to try and give you a breakdown of what’s occurring. This is one of my favourite projects so I thought it worthwhile to do a feature.

    I will try and update from what I see around the Flux discord and also communicate what leaky Dan is saying.

    Checkout the Marketplace

    There is a huge prize for deploying a node on Flux at the moment, I got my entry in via setting up a Presearch node. Its the cheapest host I have found for the project. If you want to get involved checkout the marketplace and see what they have to offer.

    Flux Competition

    Ergo Hackathon

    To all the people participating in the Hackathon, I wish you good luck that’s a stonking prize to the Winners.

    Ergo Hackathon

    Interesting Read

    I was listening to an AMA with Flux and the Kadena community and one of the questions was regarding PoS VS PoW and mining, so I thought I would share this that I read on the Flux Medium page.


    And The Winner Is?

    I just wanted to say, a huge thanks to the winner of the Flux GIF Comp, really good entries and I will try get you all on the library this week for you all to share. Just search Flux Crypto.

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