Flux on fire enabling development

    Flux has been on fire of late in terms of enabling development, there has been a few key breakthroughs and more on the horizon. So I thought I would give you a breakdown of what these could mean for Flux now and in the future.

    I like to think about flux as the backbone and infrastructure for Web 3. It allows projects to host on Flux and allow for more decentralization of there technology and projects. Acting as a true enabler for Web 3.0.

    Jetpack 2.0

    This AMA was the biggest thing I have seen yet from flux, two of my questions where featured and superbly answered from techsocialnetwork. Id check it out and share as this is a showcase of the flux web 3 architecture.

    Geolocation 2.0

    Ok lets talk about Geolocation, this now enables you to set a location for your application. Why is this important? Well the closer you are to the node serving your resources the faster it will be. In terms of websites this has a direct impact on site performance metrics that ultimately affect your SEO.


    This is huge for Flux, IPFS allows users to host and receive content in a manner similar to BitTorrent. As opposed to a centrally located server, IPFS is built around a decentralized system.

    This is a huge enabler for flux and will assist with things similar to a drop box like application. They have called it f-drive and its showcased in the AMA above. I suggest you check it out.


    Well over 43% of the worlds websites are hosted on it, including mine, Its a huge move forward for Flux at it will open up the doors past Web 3 with a combination of there upcoming payment system improvements incorporating fiat currencies. This will enable the mass market to have access to a decentralized hosting platform.

    In the long run I think this will help open the doors to Web 3 as it will be highly competitive compared to other hosting providers on price and performance.


    This one will change the game for flux and will be a huge enabler to mass adoption to a wider market, It will open up the doors to basically rent a GPU like performance on scale. Such things could include Rendering, AI and Machine Learning Models. It could also be used for gaming in the future,

    If you want to learn more about the project checkout there page –

    Thanks for reading and if you would like to keep in touch with everything going on at Flux follow me on Social Media.

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