Neoxa: Pioneering Blockchain Gaming with Unique Distribution and Dynamic Partnerships

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Are you ready to witness the future of blockchain gaming? Introducing Neoxa, a groundbreaking project that’s set to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry with its unique distribution model, high-profile partnerships, and integration with Flux for node hosting. Neoxa is making waves in the crypto space, and you don’t want to miss out on this exciting opportunity. Read on to learn all about this cutting-edge project and its latest developments.

New Block Distribution: A Fair and Balanced Approach

Neoxa’s innovative block distribution model ensures that all stakeholders have a fair share in the project’s success. The distribution is as follows:

  • 45% Miners
  • 45% Master Nodes
  • 5% Developers
  • 5% Proof of Game (bolstered by advertising revenue)

This balanced approach incentivizes miners, master nodes, and developers to contribute to the project’s growth while keeping gamers engaged through the Proof of Game rewards system.

New Top 10 Exchange Listing Coming Soon

Neoxa is making its mark in the crypto community and will soon be listed on a new top 10 exchange. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting development, as it will undoubtedly boost Neoxa’s visibility and adoption in the market.

Node Tiers, Target Market, and Flux Partnership

The first tier will be still 550k, the second one will be 2.75m on mainet launch. Neoxa is also targeting the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry, tapping into a vast market of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

Exciting news for Neoxa is its partnership with Flux, a prominent decentralized cloud infrastructure provider. This collaboration will enable Neoxa to host its nodes on Flux’s secure and reliable platform in the future, further strengthening its ecosystem and scalability.

Continuous Development and Strategic Partnerships

Neoxa’s team is dedicated to continuous growth and improvement. They are consistently building and enhancing the platform to ensure it remains at the forefront of the blockchain gaming revolution.

One of Neoxa’s most significant recent developments is a new partnership with an investor who has committed a minimum of $1 million. This partner will take a 20% stake in the development block rewards, further bolstering the project’s growth and expansion.

A Shoutout to Hawk Crypto Mining

We want to give a big shoutout to Hawk Crypto Mining Co., who have been sharing the latest updates and insights on Neoxa. Be sure to follow them on YouTube at for more exciting news and developments on Neoxa and other projects in the crypto space.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the Neoxa revolution. Keep an eye on this game-changing project and join the community as it reshapes the future of mobile gaming and blockchain technology.


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