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If you have not checked out the interview between Full Spend Mining and Dan Keller – Co-Founder of flux. Check out the link below. One not to be missed.

I also really liked the concept from FSM, they are bringing the ability to mine KDA to a broader market so read on for more details on there project.

About Full Spend Mining

They are team that have set up an ASIC mining farm for the Kadena Community by the Kadena Community. Its a project where you can mint an NFT on chain and receive part of there mining rewards as long as you have the NFT in your possession. So basically for life.

Useful, especially for those that cant mine at the moment due to electric prices around the world. This seems like a great way to be part of the mining community. I would love to hear more about the project in detail.

ASIC mining is expensive and reducing the barrier to entry to the market is a good thing from my point of view.

You can check out more about the project on there Discord so go check them out.

Also check out there roadmap for delivery.

The math behind Full Spend Yacht Club.

“Full Spend Mining will use between 10% to 15% of total mint funds for developing and building our ASIC data center that will enable us to host our miners. After development fees we estimate to have upwards of 75-85% of total mint funds go directly into buying miners, meaning a potential 90-95% of funds go directly into providing the benefits we provide to holders. This is over 20% more funds going directly into buying and hosting miners vs other mining projects, guaranteeing we are the most beneficial NFT per dollar spent..”

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Discord: FSYC – https://discord.gg/fsm

Website: FSYC – https://fullspend.com/


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