Hot of the Flux update 2!

    Wow what a week for Flux, I am still trying to absorb Jetpack 2.0 and all the content covered in this hot of the flux update, I will re-share it for anyone that has not seen it and also give you a break down.

    Flux is all ready thinking about and working on Jetpack 3.0, they are looking at load balancing Web 2 and Web 3 technologies so you could effectively launch on both infrastructures, which is huge.

    Checkout the Demo of Jetpack 2.0

    What Was Covered

    Well basically everything up to deploying an app, including Geolocation 2.0, the on ramp for fiat currency and the specs. The beta is going live this week and I cant wait, Some of the key features were.

    F-Drive – a storage solution for flux on Web 3, get your hard drives ready this is going to be awesome.
    Simple payment system – including the Fiat payment method, in the future including long term subscription support and payment reminders.
    Geolocation 2.0 – You can select where in the world you want to deploy – you can also exclude down to city level enabling companies to be compliant with local legislation across the world.

    Flux now covers a large part of the Google Ecosystem

    My questions where covered in the AMA, thanks for sharing them.

    I had some questions regarding the potential for a mail client which I think they are going to look at, maybe via a dAPP so if your a developer and would like to get involved with Web 3 its something to consider as a project.

    With support of some of the other applications that are launching on Flux they will have most bases covered.

    They support presearch nodes and timpi is also being supported by flux architecture – search engine covered. In addition they are also working with Docushield which is also hosting infrastructure on Flux.

    If you would like to keep in touch with what’s going on in the project follow me on Social Media, I am mainly on twitter,

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