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I am pleased to announce that I have an AMA with Dan Keller from Flux on Tuesday 25th October via twitter spaces, so join us there. at 16:00 Eastern time, I am super stoked for this as I have been writing about the project for some time. Now I have the chance to talk to one of the Co-Founders and ask some of mine and the Flux communities questions.

Set A Reminder!

If you would like to set a reminder or submit a question for the AMA you can send me a message on twitter or via this link under the contact section.

To set a reminder for the space follow this link:-

I have lots to Discuss

With the recent demo of Jetpack 2.0 last week and the great progress being made by the flux development teams I am sure there will be lots to talk about! I will be talking about the journey of flux to now and the future.

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