Discover How to Optimize Your RTX A2000 GPU for Flux Mining

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The RTX A2000 is not a GPU you can game on. It was originally intended for large scale industry and server farms hence its compact design. It was a beast on Ethereum and does hold up on other algorithms as well.

This card is also tiny, it is powered by the PCIE riser and does not require additional power cables.
RTX A2000 Mining Settings for Flux

Overclocking a GPU for best performance and efficiency is a fine art, it takes time to get right and every GPU is different. This is just a guide please adjust in small increments to work out which works best for your card,

If you have better overclocks please reach out and contact me on Social Media or here.

Customized Card Option

Just want to give a shout out to Red Panda Mining, check out this video as the card can be customized to achieve better results. If you have done this drop me a message and let me know what you achieve on Flux.

Credit RPM drop him a follow on YouTube.

Where to Buy

GPUs are in plentiful supply now, you can buy these in bulk but if you just want to pick up one.

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