Flux going into F-Drive with Cloud Storage!

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Flux recently showcased Jetpack 2.0 and an awesome addition was the Cloud Storage option, they have called it F-Drive. This is a decentralized storage solution hosted by the people for the people.

By using hard drives connected to the Flux network, it will enable you to have all your storage needs on a decentralized platform with capabilities similar to Google Drive or Drop Box.

So why is this important?

I think this is will be huge, other blockchain projects have tried to develop a similar product but have deployed on centralized infrastructure. Which in my view sort of goes against the grain of what a decentralized network is.

In the future, this also brings competition to the big tech companies. If a blockchain project like flux can cause a disruptive affect on price once established I am all for it. Competition is key and they have had the market for too long and have dictated prices.

So what will this enable?

For me this is very useful, I have a lot of media content that I use for my website and storage on Google, which is not the best for me as I believe in decentralization, This now gives me another option and everyone else as well. I am not sure at the price yet but once I know I will share so keep in touch.

If the price is right, it will enable main stream adoption of Web 3 technology, bringing peoples everyday data and infrastructure needs together on a decentralized network in a decentralized way!

In the future it enables you to move and edit your media as well. Everyday Web 3 is evolving and I can see a niche dApp that could connect to this technology and bring it to a whole new level.

How can I use it?

F-Drive is now available via Jetpack 2.0 in Beta and if you have a Zelcore wallet you can check it out with the link below. Remember this is in Beta so I would not put all your data here just yet. But I have used it and its simple and easy to use.

How can you get involved?

Well as this project is hosted by the people, they will be rewarding node operators for adding storage space to there node tiers. Which I am looking forwards too as I have a large amount of hard drive space left from Chia mining that I can deploy and help the network with.

With well over 15,500 nodes now in operation you can imagine the scale of storage that will be available. You can find out more about Flux on there RunOnFlux page.

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