Kadcars – Leading the way with Dynamic NFTs

    Kadcars is a project focused on a Web 3 Racing, but with a difference. It will incorporate Dynamic NFTs leading the way connecting a virtual asset to real world utilities.

    It will be launching its app on Flux and Minting on Kadena. I would go and checkout Kadcars discord for sneak peaks.

    I will be keeping an eye on this one, looks great.

    Discord –

    Their website is now live and is running on Flux – check it out:-


    I would go and checkout Kadcars discord for further sneak peaks as well.

    What is KadCars?

    KadCars aims to change how we view NFTs. Long gone are the days when NFTs were all about profile pictures. KadCars uses NFT technology to allow players access to the web 3.0 game.

    On top of that, the NFTs will be upgradeable, meaning that the NFT will be tied to the game and whenever you make an engine upgrade or a cosmetic upgrade – it will transition to the game itself. On top of that, we are building an ecosystem.

    They will have there own marketplace for NFTs, our own marketplace on NFT traits, and lastly, we will create. a launchpad on Kadena. Our goal is to become a Kadena hub, which does not only depend on our own success but the success of Kadena overall.

    What will be the supply of the collection?

    Our goal is to mint 5337 different K2 NFTs. This will create about 1 year of a runaway to continue the game development, marketing, and such. Furthermore, during the year KadCars will look for external funding from VCs to ensure that the game is taken to the next level. Once we expand we will release more versions of the cars to expand the user base. The more players the bigger chance of success

    How can I get a whitelist?

    • You can receive a whitelist through various competitions, being active on Twitter and discord, and supporting the project.

    What will be the mint price for whitelist and public sales?

    • TBA

    Will there be a token?

    • Yes, there will be one, a token that is integrated into our game ecosystem.

    What chain it is being launched upon and what will be the primary mint wallet?

    • Chain 7 over Kadena and the wallet that will be used will be X-wallet.

    How big is the team?

    • Currently, we are 5 core team members, each one with different expertise. And 4 additional hires. So in total 9 people. However, we plan to expand after the mint.

    What platform is used to develop the game?

    • Our primary game development software is unity.

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