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Flux takes another step in bridging the Web2-Web3 dichotomy by introducing several new fiat-crypto payment systems, Including Coinbase and Crypto.com.

Flux has provided robust support for deploying different applications on its decentralized infrastructure for more than four years. With hundreds of DApps and websites already running on Flux, we have demonstrated our role as a critical player in the Web3 and cloud hosting space.

Now we are proud to announce that fiat-crypto payment is coming to Flux! We are onboarding Coinbase and Crypto.com to implement a gateway that allows users to pay for hosting directly in fiat or crypto. Coinbase, alongside Crypto.com, is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency world, and just last year, Google announced its partnership with Coinbase for crypto payment.

Flux is on track to become the first cloud provider to offer a two-way Crypto-Fiat ramp designed to increase payment flexibility when deploying applications.

Why is this new feature a game-changer?

The default payment method for Flux Cloud (formally Jetpack)deployments has always been Flux’s native token ($FLUX). While this option remains very much available, introducing an alternative fiat payment ramp will give users more control over the metrics of their business needs.

Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, it might be a little tricky for businesses to budget accurately for their hosting requirements in the long term.

For example, Company X’s cloud hosting budget for a new fiscal year is 120 FLUX (10 FLUX per month) at a rate of 0.5$ to 1 FLUX.

What happens if $FLUX hits a rate of $1.4 to 1 FLUX?

This nearly threefold increase will affect deployment costs, with the business having to spend more than its budget at the beginning of the year. However, with the new fiat payment option, it will be easier for companies to create a concrete budget for their deployment needs over time.

Also, the new fiat ramp will allow new users with little knowledge of how cryptocurrency works to run their applications on Flux without purchasing or transferring crypto between wallets. This will lower the steep learning curve usually associated with Web3 technologies, thus, encouraging mass adoption. Also, all payments, regardless of currency model or platform, will be settled back to native Flux.

“Our team at Flux is not maximalist. We believe working with Web2 and Web3 will benefit users of both platforms.” Daniel Keller stated the co-founder of Flux and CEO of InFlux Technology. “Users can pay directly in Flux or fiat currency with the fiat ramp onboard. This will increase convenience and give more control to the people. After all, Flux is “for the people, by the people.”

With our roadmap for 2023 already unveiled, Flux is set to hit the Web3 ecosystem with exciting innovations. Visit our marketplace to easily host and run front-ends, nodes, block books, crypto projects, and games with just a few clicks.

Flux is redefining the future of the decentralized internet by bridging the tech barrier and allowing end users to interact more easily with the Web3 ecosystem. We are innovating to power the free web smarter, better, and at affordable prices.

For more information on Flux or the FluxNode network, join our Discord and check our official website.

Flux is very active on Twitter. To stake FLUX via Titan nodes, check out this article.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to keep in touch check out our Discord.

Credit: RunOnFlux.io

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