How to Host Your Nostr Relay via the Flux Marketplace: A Simple Guide

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Learn how to deploy your very own Nostr Relay on the decentralized cloud of Flux. Nostr is an open-source protocol that enables Web3-based Social Media applications free from corporate influence, censorship, and algorithmic manipulation. Flux is a decentralized cloud that allows individuals to supply computational resources and get incentivized in return.

Flux Goes Enterprize

Step 1: Log in to

Log in using your ZelID, which is available via Zelcore. If you don’t have a Zelcore account, download and install the app. Enable d2FA on the app section for your wallet’s safety. Authenticate by clicking on the fingerprint button or manually signing the message on your Zelcore wallet with the ZelID app.

Step 2: Go to the Flux Marketplace and find Nostr under Hosting category

Head over to Look for the Nostr application under the Hosting category.

Step 3: Add parameters to your Nostr Relay via Environmental (ENV)

Click on each tab to fill in your parameters, which include NAME, DESCRIPTION, RELAY_URL, CONTACT, and PUB_KEY. All parameters are optional, and you can click “Start Launching Marketplace App” if you don’t want to insert any.

Step 4: Click “Start Launching Marketplace App”

Once you have filled in all your preferred ENV parameters, click “Start Launching Marketplace App”. You can click next or copy the Registration Message if you are signing the message manually from your ZelID app and then click next. Click the fingerprint button to sign the request for the application or manually paste the signed message on your ZelID from the earlier step.

Step 5: Make the payment for the app

You will get the monthly cost for your application. Click on Register Flux App. You will be provided with payment info in FLUX, and payment is made through the FLUX blockchain in FLUX coins. Select “Pay with Zelcore” to make the payment for the app.

Step 6: Wait for your Nostr Relay to be spawned on an available node

It takes around 10-30 minutes for your Nostr Relay to be spawned on an available node. Once done, you can manage and visit your Nostr Relay deployments on the “My Apps” tab under “Global Apps” menu.

Step 7: Renew payment monthly

Your Nostr Relay is subscribed for 22,000 Flux blocks, which are approximately one month. You will need to renew payment monthly to ensure your Relay does not get kicked off the network. Visit and log in with your ZelID. Navigate to “Apps,” “Global Apps,” “My Apps.” Click “Manage,” “Manage App,” “Update Specifications.” Leave all the variables as they are, click “Compute Update Message.” Sign the message with the ZelID app and click “Update Flux App” after. Click “Pay with Zelcore” to make the Flux Payment.

You can now extend this for up to 1 year! Just up the duration in the dashboard and follow the steps to pay with Zelcore.

In Review

By hosting your Nostr Relay via the Flux Marketplace, you can enjoy a decentralized and censor-resistant Social Media platform. Flux’s decentralized cloud provides various advantages compared to traditional Web2 infrastructure providers, such as redundant applications, automatic failovers, and uncompetitive pricing. Renew your payment monthly to ensure your Nostr Relay stays on the network for continuous support of decentralized infrastructure for Nostr.

Learn more about Flux at and Nostr at

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