How DIMO is Revolutionizing Car Data Sharing!

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DIMO, a web3-native organization, is introducing the concept of Drive-to-Earn to reward its users for sharing verified data from IoT devices, specifically cars. This implementation of Proof-of-Movement enables drivers to collect and share their vehicle data securely and in exchange for $DIMO tokens.

To get started, drivers simply create an account and add their car to DIMO’s encrypted database. DIMO is also rolling out a hardware-based connection that allows users to collect even richer data directly from their car’s data port.

Car data is valuable and critical to make sure people can earn for sharing that data. DIMO is actively building apps to make it useful and setting aside token rewards out of the initial token issuance for users. The rewards for Drive-to-Earn will adjust dynamically with demand-driven market forces as an economy emerges around the DIMO platform.

Proof-of-Movement is a broader category that DIMO is reintroducing to establish and verify mobility on a blockchain. This will turn the countless walled garden systems that every device maker uses today into an open and composable ecosystem. Proof-of-Movement can enable a wide range of applications, such as automated parking, that require multiple parties to agree upon a shared version of reality.

DIMO is building a number of other applications and use-cases on these primitives and is welcoming anyone interested in joining the DIMO movement to accelerate the adoption of a more open and accessible mobility network. Drivers who want to send their vehicle data can join, as well as car hackers and tinkerers who want to decode vehicle data.


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