Decentralized Search Unleashed: How Timpi and Flux are Transforming the Web Search Landscape

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The Decentralized search engine Timpi is expanding its beta program by launching Collector nodes on Flux’s Web3, the most decentralized cloud infrastructure. This groundbreaking collaboration strengthens Timpi’s network and positions it as a leader in the decentralized space. Let’s take a closer look at how these two innovators are working together to promote decentralization and reshape the future of web search.

Timpi and Flux: A Perfect Partnership for Decentralization

Timpi’s partnership with Flux promises to create a powerful synergy between the two decentralized platforms. Both companies are committed to promoting decentralization and expanding access to its benefits. By working together, they can help each other reach new heights and increase awareness around decentralized projects, ultimately making a lasting impact in the decentralized world.

Impressive Results from Timpi’s Beta Testing

Timpi’s web search beta testing has yielded fantastic results. With over 1000 beta testers, the platform is indexing up to 3500 pages per second. During the closed beta phase, they’ve added 230 million new domains to their index and boast an average query response time of 700ms—an extraordinary achievement for a decentralized web index.

Strengthening the Decentralized Space with Flux and Timpi

The launch of Timpi’s Collector nodes on Flux signifies the start of an exciting and mutually beneficial collaboration. This partnership will not only provide a strong foundation for Timpi’s future apps and products but also solidify Flux’s position as a market leader in the decentralized marketplace.

About Flux: The First and Largest Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure

Flux is a blockchain-based platform that provides an alternative to BigTechs like Google Cloud and AWS. It empowers developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) that are fast, secure, scalable, and more affordable, all without a single point of failure. Flux also supports cross-chain interoperability, allowing dApps to interact with multiple blockchain networks. Learn more at

About Timpi: Pioneering Decentralized Web Indexing

Timpi is on a mission to provide access to unbiased and impartial information by building the first fully independent and decentralized web index. They are deeply concerned about the monopolization of the search engine industry and its effects on accountability, transparency, and competition. Timpi’s rapidly expanding proprietary index is capable of indexing 300 million records per day at a fraction of the cost of existing market players. Learn more about Timpi and its innovative roadmap at

The collaboration between Timpi and Flux is an important step forward for the world of decentralization. As these two pioneers join forces, they will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the decentralized space and help to build a more transparent and accessible internet for all.

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