Blocksquare’s Great News BST token listed on MEXC exchange

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The Blocksquare ecosystem has recently made a major milestone by listing its flagship token, BST, on MEXC, a top-20 centralized exchange. This listing is significant because it marks BST’s debut on a centralized exchange and could lead to greater recognition and value for the token.

Why MEXC Was Chosen for the BST Listing

The Blocksquare governance board conducted thorough evaluations before choosing MEXC as the best available option for the BST listing. MEXC is licensed in crucial regions such as Australia, Estonia, and the United States, and serves over 6 million users in more than 200 countries. This makes MEXC a promising opportunity for the token to gain wider adoption and fuel its growth.

What This Means for the Future of Tokenized Real Estate Assets

The listing of BST on MEXC is a step towards greater recognition and value for tokenized real estate assets. The Blocksquare ecosystem is continuously exploring marketing initiatives and onboarding new asset owners and operators to tokenize with them. The upcoming release of version 0.4 will showcase how the ecosystem can open up new economic opportunities and provide greater liquidity to tokenized real estate.

Maximizing Investments with Oceanpoint: The Ultimate DeFi Solution for Tokenized Real Estate Assets

Oceanpoint is a DeFi platform that allows individuals to stake their BST tokens in the governance pool, liquidity pool, or asset pool. Staking in the governance pool allows individuals to acquire future governance rights or not lose them in comparison to those who do not stake. The liquidity pool and asset pool also offer rewards to participants.

With the expected launch of version 0.4 in early May, the community will be able to buy real estate tokens (BSPT) and stake them in a new asset pool designed for the community. This will create a new redistribution of rewards and provide additional liquidity to tokenized real estate assets.

The listing of BST on MEXC and the opportunity to stake BST on Oceanpoint provides a promising future for the tokenized real estate assets. Investors who are interested in the future of tokenized real estate assets and DeFi should consider exploring Oceanpoint as a platform worth investing in. However, it is important to conduct your own research and make informed decisions regarding investments.


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