Timpi The New Way – A Source of Truth

    Timpi The New Way – A Source of Truth – That’s my take on it anyway. But the question is why, when, how and by what means so I will break it down.

    This is a project I have had my eye on for some time now, mainly because I believe it will deliver a source of truth to the end user untainted by influence. In the form of unbiased search results helping you to get to what you need to know without influence of what the search engine wants you to search for.

    Timpi has been under development for some time now and from recent updates their beta node programme is about to get underway for invited guests. The community voted so I am going to put together some of the highlights from what Timpi delivers.

    Why is Timpi Needed?

    Next lets talk about the Why, I believe Timpi is needed to deliver a source of truth to the end user for the following benefits. You can also check out the Whitepaper here, have a read and remember always DYOR as well.

    No suggestable marketing to get get you to buy
    No suggestable media to influence your decision process
    No suggestable marketing to get get you to buy
    A breakdown of Timpi Services
    Timpi Services

    Lets Talk About The When and Roadmap

    Moving on to the Road Map is well underway for this project. With the Public Beta to begin in December. So this is fast approaching and the work of the developers is starting to pay off. There is a lot of content to index on the Web!

    Breakdown of the Timpi Road Map
    Timpi Road Map

    How Can You Get involved?

    Next, lets talk about how you can get involved in the Project, if its of interest. There are currently 3 ways via Searching, Collecting and being a Guardian.

    A breakdown of ways to get involved with the Timpi Project
    Get Involved

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