Simple Guide to Hosting a Fuse RPC Node via the Flux Marketplace

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Fuse is a secure, decentralized, EVM-compatible public blockchain designed for entrepreneurs and organizations to build and scale Web3 apps. With its Fuse SDK, companies can easily integrate Web3 services and crypto payments into their products.

The Fuse ecosystem offers a variety of decentralized service providers and tools to support project teams and startups in building dApps on an EVM-compatible blockchain. In this guide, we will walk you through deploying your Fuse RPC Node using the Flux Marketplace in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Visit Flux Marketplace

Flux Login Page
Flux Login Page

Step 2: Enable d2FA

  • In Zelcore, enable d2FA for added security.

Step 3: Find FuseRPC Application

Step 4: Register for the FuseRPC Application

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to register and authenticate with your ZelID.

Step 5: Pay for the Application

  • You will see the monthly cost for the application. Click “Register Flux App.”
  • Choose “Pay with Zelcore” and complete the payment using FLUX coins.
Flux Payment Page
Flux Payment Page

Step 6: Wait for Deployment

  • Your Fuse RPC Node will be deployed within 10-30 minutes.

Step 7: Access Your Fuse RPC Node

  • Log in to and go to “Global Apps” > “My Apps.”
  • Find your Fuse RPC Node deployment and use the provided IP addresses or Automatic Domain to access your node.

Step 8: Renew Subscription (Optional)

  • After the initial subscription period (22,000 Flux blocks or ~44,000 minutes), renew your subscription if needed.
  • Follow the steps in the original guide above to update the subscription period and make the payment.

Now you have successfully hosted a Fuse RPC Node via the Flux Marketplace!

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