Secret Gardens of Kadena: Exciting Project Announcement!

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Always building Secret Gardens of Kadena is gearing up for the Gen 1 NFT collection launch soon (13th May)! The launch will feature a 3-tier mint, with prices set according to the KDA price. OGs, WL, and public minting tiers will be available for enthusiasts.

As part of Flux Labs, I will be sharing some of the latest and hottest updates from around the Kadena and Flux Ecosystems so drop a follow to:-

1. Staking & Rewards Incoming

Staking is on the horizon, with an expected arrival in soon! Gen 0 NFT holders can stake their assets for valuable in-game weapons, which can be upgraded and resold. A deflationary component adds extra appeal to the staking process.

2. New Website Unveiling

Secret Gardens of Kadena will soon unveil its amazing new website! It’s set to feature project info, staking, games, and a marketplace in the future.

3. Isoko NFT Marketplace Collaboration

The project is partnering with Isoko for the Gen 1 mint. This collaboration has proven to be fantastic, as Isoko has some surprises in store for everyone! They’ll provide a dev war room for a smooth minting experience during the Gen 1 launch.

4. Battle Blox Heroes Evolution

Initially planned as a free game, Battle Blox Heroes (BBH) has evolved into something much more significant. It will now be a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game with Gen 0 NFTs as a gatekeeper. This game is poised to help Secret Gardens of Kadena grow and fund future projects.

5. Game/Backend Devs Announcement

Keep an eye out for an exciting announcement about the project’s game/backend devs partnership. They have years of experience and a history of working with celebrities on NFTs and games. This partnership aims to expand the Kadena ecosystem.

6. Marketing Push & Community Support

Secret Gardens of Kadena is initiating a marketing push and seeks community support. By spreading the word about the project and backing the Gen 1 mint, fans can help ensure a successful project launch.

The Secret Gardens of Kadena team is ecstatic about the progress made thus far and hopes its community is as well. They’ll continue to work diligently to make Secret Gardens of Kadena an extraordinary project with entertaining games for everyone. The future is bright for this ambitious endeavor.

To keep up to date with all the things happening at SGK – check out there Discord.


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