RTX 2080 Ti Mining Settings – Awesome on Flux!

    This card is a beast on flux so please check it out. The 2080 Ti is a great card, currently it is a beast mining flux with the rest of the Nvidia 2000 series of cards. It’s high on my priority list at the moment. Its predecessor the 1080 Ti is also a very solid card.

    Its one to consider post merge if you are looking at mining Flux. It is also solid on other algorithms and isn’t affected by LHR like the 3000 Series.

    RTX 2080 Ti Mining Hashrates

    Mining Overclocks

    Please adjust the overclocks in small increments to find the ideal sweet spot for your GPU. Some GPUs will perform differently due to the silicone lottery so please do your own research.

    Flux Mining Overclocks – 99 Sol/s at 230 Watts

    RTX 2080 TI ZelHash (FLUX) Mining Overclocks:

    • Core Voltage (VDD): N/A
    • Power Limit (%): ~85% or 230w
    • Core Clock (CClock): 180
    • Memory Clock (MClock): +1100 or 2200
    • Fan Speed (%): 70% ± based on your temps.

    Ethash Mining Overclocks

    • Power Limit (%): ~70% or 150 (W)
    • Core Clock (CClock): -200
    • Memory Clock (MClock): +1100 or 2200
    • Fan Speed (%): 70% ± based on your temps.


    Well profitability on everything post the merge will be interesting. So remember to consider your electric rates. You can find current numbers here on minerstat.

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