Raptoreum: Pioneering DeFi and Scalable Smart Contracts

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Raptoreum (RTM) is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project that has gained traction for its unique architecture, asset creation, smart contracts in common languages, and immunity to double spend attacks. With a focus on decentralization and resistance to ASICs and FPGAs, Raptoreum is paving the way for the next generation of crypto projects.

Raptoreum: A Brief History and Evolution

Initially conceived as a discussion on improving Ravencoin, Raptoreum began its journey with its first testnet in 2018. After discovering exploits in the RVN codebase, the project shifted to the Dash codebase. After three years of testnet, Raptoreum launched its mainnet on February 26th, 2021.

Raptoreum boasts an active community of users building custom pools, DeFi, and other services. The project has also witnessed a record number of miners participating, becoming the number one CPU mineable coin on Hive OS.

Raptoreum’s DeFi Advantage: No Additional Contracts Needed

Unlike EVM-based chains that rely on beta-stage contract languages, Raptoreum allows for DeFi functions without the need for additional contracts. This significantly reduces the risk of hacks and exploits often associated with Ethereum’s Solidity language.

By enabling pooled staking directly from the wallet, Raptoreum decentralizes participation and avoids classification as a security by the SEC.

Scalability: Raptoreum’s Innovative Approach to Smart Contracts

Traditional Layer 1 smart contracts face scalability issues due to block size restrictions. Raptoreum tackles this by executing contracts at the node level, free from such limitations. Key innovations include:

  • Removing tokens and basic automation from contracts, adding them to the base protocol
  • Moving transactions onto side chains that notarize onto the main chain
  • Replacing Ethereum VM with the trusted and proven Apache Spark, used by industry giants like Twitter

Expanding the Developer Pool with Common Programming Languages

Raptoreum switches from niche contracting languages to Java and Python, vastly expanding the pool of potential developers. This approach allows for more secure, efficient, and versatile development.

Non-Contract DeFi and NFT Marketplace

By offering non-contract DeFi, Raptoreum enables a multitude of development options, including the adaptation of other chains. The project is also developing a unique NFT marketplace that will allow users to present and exchange artistic creations, game items, certifications, and more.

Raptoreum’s Decentralization and Resistance to Centralization

Raptoreum’s focus on CPU-based PoW and collateralized nodes helps address centralization issues that plague other cryptocurrencies. The project’s architecture ensures healthier and more stable growth.

Raptoreum: A Strong and Experienced Team

With a core team experienced in the blockchain space since its earliest days, Raptoreum is well-equipped to deliver on its promises. The project also benefits from a dedicated project management and development team, ensuring steady progress.

Raptoreum’s Tokenomics

Raptoreum’s unique Ghostrider algorithm, 51% double spend protection, and Chainlocks contribute to the project’s robustness. With a maximum supply of 21 billion RTM and a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus, Raptoreum is set to make waves in the crypto world.

In conclusion, Raptoreum’s innovative architecture, focus on DeFi, and common programming languages position the project as a game-changer in the cryptocurrency landscape. By addressing scalability, centralization, and security issues, Raptoreum is poised to revolutionize the crypto space for years to come.

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