Kadena Ecosystem – Introducing Tech Fleet

    Tech Fleet Community DAO is a decentralized community association that provides equal opportunities for those pursuing careers in tech. It is a unique platform that offers apprenticeships, leadership training, and various tech-related services. Its goal is to close the gap between education and job requirements, especially in UX, product management, and development.

    Solving Tech Industry Problems

    Tech Fleet Community DAO addresses the challenges in the tech industry, such as wealth and tech skills gap, lack of proper chances for new workers, and inadequate UX and product talent in new industries. It provides a decentralized model for tech apprenticeships, global network, and new economic and experience opportunities.

    Bringing Blockchain to the Masses

    Tech Fleet Community DAO introduces blockchain technology to the masses by applying user-centered design and agile design thinking. It brings UX, product management, and development talent together to build products and services for the greater good. It is a talent DAO, freelance engine, venture fund, and startup incubator.

    Use Cases and Value

    Tech Fleet Community DAO provides apprenticeships, UX, and product services, income opportunities for freelancers, and financial incentives to members who mentor and teach others. It has a high hiring rate for apprentices and leads, and partners with bootcamps and educational institutions. It is different from other platforms, agencies, and DAOs in its focus on social support and better wages.

    DAO on the Blockchain

    Tech Fleet Community DAO plans to host its application through the Flux Network, use the Kadena blockchain to build its apps, and incorporate gas stations to avoid paying gas fees. It mints its NFT using the Kadena Marmalade or Butter protocols. It supports the Kadena ecosystem and helps catalyze its adoption.

    In Review

    Tech Fleet Community DAO is a community association that aims to revolutionize the tech industry by providing equal opportunities and a decentralized network for apprenticeships, UX, and product services. It brings blockchain to the masses and supports the Kadena ecosystem. It offers valuable use cases and financial incentives to members who mentor and teach others.

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