Kadena – A Review of the Ecosystem – Part 1 – Gaming

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Kadena has been developing its Pact language for some time now and it’s being making the platform more developer friendly. Breaking down the barriers for building on its platform ands it seems the work is paying off.

In this post, I will give you a breakdown of some of the cool projects and initiatives that are going on around the Ecosystem focusing on gaming.


Kadcars is a Racing game utilizing both Kadena for its NFTs and traits and Flux to host its website. It aims to change how we view NFTs.

Long gone are the days when NFTs were all about profile pictures. KadCars uses NFT technology to allow players access to the web 3.0 game. On top of that, the NFTs will be upgradeable, meaning that the NFT will be tied to the game and whenever you make an engine upgrade or a cosmetic upgrade – it will transition to the game itself.

On top of that, they are building an ecosystem. We will have our own marketplace for NFTs, our own marketplace on NFT traits, and lastly, we will create. a launchpad on Kadena. Our goal is to become a Kadena hub, which does not only depend on our own success but the success of Kadena overall.

It will be launching its app on Flux and Minting on Kadena. I would go and checkout Kadcars discord for sneak peaks.

Their website is now live and is running on Flux – check it out:-


Website: https://kadcarsnft.app.runonflux.io/

Discord – https://discord.gg/4SzPSkcDWg

Wizards Arena

Wizards Arena is a digital collectible NFT game that allows players to build NFT collections and battle against each other in a fantasy world. The game uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent the different characters, which are unique and can be traded on the Kadena blockchain.

What sets Wizards Arena apart?

Wizards Arena
Wizards Arena

Wizards Arena utilizes the Pact smart contract language on the Kadena blockchain, which allows for complex game logic to be implemented in a secure and scalable manner. This means that the game can create unique gameplay mechanics and NFT interactions that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional collectible card game.

The best place to find out about Wizards Arena is on discord:-

Link: https://discord.gg/JMrQkgrfDd

SGK – Secret Gardens of Kadena

SGK (Secret Garden of Kadena) are excited to announce the launch of a new gaming experience, where players can play games for free and NFT holders will receive rewards. There first system, Play to Own (P2O), allows players to win other NFTs that unlock different playable classes in-game.

Introducing a Revolutionary New Gaming Experience: Play to Own (P2O) and Risk to Earn (R2E)

Here’s how it works: If a player owns a 2D NFT, they will have access to two classes, such as Archer or Mage. Then, by playing the game, they have the opportunity to win a third class, such as Barbarian.


Each month or two, SGK will release new in-game characters and NFT collections as rewards, providing players with a constantly evolving gaming experience.


Discord – https://discord.gg/ZT4vJV33An

Website – https://kadenasecretgarden.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/kdasecretgarden


Kazora is the world’s first AAA shooter game built on the Kadena blockchain and is powered by Unreal Engine. This ground-breaking title bridges the gap between gaming and DeFi, allowing players to earn yield from their gaming experience.

Utilising the advantages of Kadena’s Pact language and gas stations, Kazora is designed to prioritise gameplay and quality whilst aiming to draw millions of gamers into the Kadena ecosystem.

Check out some of the gameplay.

This is just part of what’s going on in the ecosystem. If you have a project you are building on Kadena. Get in touch I would love to do a feature.

Thanks for reading and if you enjoy my content please follow me on twitter.

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