Hypercent: Revolutionizing DeFi and NFTs with Fairness and Zero Gas Fees

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Are you tired of the traditional launchpad system that favors whales and leaves little room for regular users? Look no further! Hypercent is here to fix the faulty launchpad system and make DeFi more accessible and user-friendly. Say goodbye to unfairness, greed, and high gas fees! Powered by Kadena’s blockchain, Hypercent offers a dynamic multi-token DeFi economy and an upcoming NFT marketplace, all driven by the HYPE token.

Embrace the Future with HYPE

HYPE is a utility token designed to power the entire Hypercent ecosystem. With a total supply of 10 million tokens, it allows users to stake HYPE for a second non-tradable token called Stardust. This multi-token economy operates fully on-chain, showcasing Kadena’s low gas fees and gas station feature.

A Fair System for All

Hypercent replaces the old tier system with a dynamic one that reflects the supply and demand of the platform. By offering a safe and lossless incentive of mining IDO tokens without participating in the sale, everyone gets access to tickets and guaranteed allocations at a much cheaper price. Gone are the days of ridiculously expensive tier systems that only reward whales.

Greed-Free Launchpad

By placing the majority of the commissioned IDO tokens from upcoming projects into the IDO Vault, Hypercent ensures equal opportunities for all investors and protects them from artificial negative price action. The platform generates revenue through incubation and value creation for projects, fostering ecosystem growth as a whole.

Say Goodbye to Gas Fees

In partnership with Kaddex, Hypercent guarantees zero gas fees, making transactions more affordable and accessible for all. The gas station feature covers all costs, eliminating the need for users to participate in any gas-related tasks.

The Power of Stardust and TIME

Stardust, the fuel of the Hypercent platform, enables users to make decisions and purchase lottery tickets or guaranteed allocations. Users can also stake Stardust to mine IDO tokens from the IDO Vault. Burning or staking Stardust grants users non-tradeable TIME tokens, unlocking exclusive features and rewards.

Comprehensive Tokenomics

Hypercent’s tokenomics include a well-defined vesting schedule for IDO, liquidity, reserve, partnerships, team, and advisors. This transparent structure ensures a fair distribution of HYPE tokens and fosters sustainable growth for the platform.

Hypercent is revolutionizing the DeFi and NFT landscape by promoting fairness, eliminating greed, and abolishing gas fees. With a dynamic multi-token economy powered by the HYPE token, users can enjoy a more accessible and user-friendly experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this groundbreaking platform that’s paving the way to a better DeFi future.

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Website – https://hypercent.io/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/hypercentpad

Discord – https://discord.gg/u5MUuESSDe

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