Flux – Project Thunder Now Live on Testnet

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The advancements for Flux just keep rolling on. With the new Project Thunder mass storage solution on testnet. When this becomes live in a few weeks it will enable a raft of new possibilities for flux.

Having the option to store a large amount of data serves a wide variety of dAPP possibilities. Big companies spend a lot of money to keep back ups of there data now there will be a Web 3 alternative.

At the moment the incentive structure has not been announced but I am sure it wont be long.

Also a huge shout out to https://twitter.com/RegEvNormGuy for letting me use his art work. Drop him a follow on twitter.

Thunder requirements?

The requirement to take part in the beta are below, These could change before release to main net. The key one here is the upgrade in bandwidth to allow for data sharing. This is a change to the current node specification launched on a Cumulus node.

FluxNode Cumulus Fractus Beta requirements:

  • 1000 Flux;
  • 2 cores;
  • 4 threads;
  • 8GB ram;
  • 240 EPS (Cpu events per Second);
  • 9200GB Storage on a Single partition (10TB Hard Drive) (Raid allowed);
  • 80MB/s Disk Write Speed;
  • 100Mb/s download/upload speed.

These requirements will open up to allow more storage when it is live on main net.

Q: If I add a 10TB hard drive to my current Cumulus Node can I have it running both as Cumulus and Fractus?R: No, it will continue running as a normal Cumulus. If you setup it as thunder=true, It will run as Thunder. It won’t run both, and will not automatically bench as a thunder.

Q: Does Fractus requires SSD/NVME 220GB storage?
R: No. Fractus doesn’t require any SSD/NVME storage.

Q: How will rewards work for Fractus?
R: Fractus nodes will be confirmed on the Flux Network as Cumulus nodes and will get the same on chain rewards as a Cumulus node. On top of that there will be additional rewards dedicated to Thunder Nodes that will be revealed before mainnet release.

Q: Will multitoolbox support Thunder Nodes?
R: Yes, before mainnet release multitoolbox will support Thunder so that is not needed to manually create or edit fluxbench.conf file.

Q: How do I know if fluxbench is testing my hardware for a ‘normal’ node or for a Thunder Node?
R: RCP method ‘fluxbench-cli getbenchmarks’ outputs a new flag called thunder. When it’s false it’s benchmarking for ‘normal’ nodes, if it’s true, it’s benchmarking for Fractus requirements.

Q: My Fractus node Status on ‘fluxbench-cli getbenchmarks’ says Cumulus, what is wrong?
R: That is the normal passing result for a Fractus node as it will join the blockchain network as a Cumulus node.

Find out more and to get involved

Flux has a very active discord community so you can find out more there, below is a link to the full scope and the benchmarks that will take place in terms of speed tests.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to keep up to date with all things Web 3 follow me on twitter.

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