Blocksquare – Ecosystems Coming together for the future of Real Estate!

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Blocksquare is a tokenization infrastructure for Real Estate and they have recently joined up with Flux to host some of there infrastructure. Bringing with it extra decentralization for the Project.

In this post I will give you a brief breakdown of the project and uses cases for the technology.

How it Works

Oceanpoint which is like the frontend marketplace for the project basically enables a set of smart contracts that form an open-end DAO designed to monetize real estate assets,

This means anyone can participate without legal restrictions to earn by contributing to a decentralized protocol backed by the real estate economy.

They do all the work and have set up contracts which are predefined for your legal jurisdiction, basically attaching a clause to your current contract making it binding with a Smart Contract.


The Blocksquare Token BST is the governance token that serves as the basis for the Oceanpoint ecosystem. BST holders vote on proposals posted on a Snapshot, But first need to deposit and stake their tokens in the Governance pool. Staking also enabling BST holders to passively accumulate more BST as the protocol grows.

What are the benefits?

Well as per any project there is risk, but there are also rewards. Having additional revenue streams being made available from your Real Estate portfolio and investments. I will give you some examples:-

  • Borderless financing for property owners anywhere.
  • The ability to stake Real Estate and earn Crypto.
  • Additional options like allowing renters the ability to help pay towards earning property.
  • The ability to earn yields on investments and rental incomes.
  • Funding projects like Hotels and Business to a wider community.

How can you learn more?

Its easy just get involved with some of there blockchats, more details on there twitter page and below. They also have a lot of content on the website below.

You can also check out there Discord links are below:-

Thanks for reading and if you would like to keep up to date with the project follow me on twitter.

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