WordPress Now Running on Flux!

    WordPress Now Running on Flux! so what will this mean for the future? In this post I will look to give you some key stats. I have been checking out there site. So lets get down to it, what will Flux need to deliver in order to be a true disruptor in the market. Well here is my view from experience:-

    Speed – faster the site the better it will perform on SEO, bringing more traffic
    Uptime – Not good having a website goes down, causes business cost and turns off returning visitors
    Scalability – If you website grows and moves territories, the ability to increase and scale across the Network
    Security – WordPress sites once discovered are vulnerable so being able to implement technologies like Wordfence is a consideration

    Flux hits the mark on all of these.

    How is Flux Doing in Terms of Speed

    Lets move on and talk about the speed, I thought the easiest way to do this was to give you a direct compare to my site. As you can see I am loosing hands down to WordPress on Flux and my current service provider. Currently number 4 in terms of website hosts.

    My Blog Stats

    WordPress tsn stats

    Flux WordPress Stats

    WordPress Flux Stats

    WordPress Usage Statistics

    Lets talk more stats, so what does this mean in terms of disrupting the market, well here are a few key stats. I personally would like to see Flux get a share of this.

    • WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet. (W3Techs, 2022)
    • WordPress usage has increased an average of 12% per year since 2011. (W3Techs, 2022)
    • WordPress is used by 65.2% of all websites using a content management system. (W3Techs, 2022)
    • WordPress powers 36.28% of the top 1 million websites. (BuiltWith, 2022)
    • Roughly every two minutes, another top 10 million site starts using WordPress. (W3Techs, 2021)
    • WordPress has been the fastest growing content management system for 12 years in a row. (W3Techs, 2022)
    • 20.4% of WordPress websites use WooCommerce. (W3Techs, 2022)

    Source and serious credit:


    So from doing a quick comparison, Its looking like WordPress on Flux will be cheaper than my current provider. It will be faster than my current provider and it will also be more scalable than my current provider. I think my current Web Host providers will need to up there game. Because I am going to redeploy on Flux the first chance I get and start doing a proper comparison between 2 sites. Lets see if I ever go back!

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