Flux Mining Reviews and Important Updates!

    With the rise of Flux hash rate hitting a new all time high and new miners coming aboard. I thought it might be good to bring my flux posts together. Including Mining Reviews and some recent Flux updates.

    Check out the content and please get in touch with us @tsncrypto on twitter if you have anything that you would like me to feature.

    So why choose flux to mine?

    Latest Flux News

    Flux is now on WordPress, a great achievement by the team. Great work check out the post below to see how it compares to my webhost provider!

    WordPress on Flux!

    Well the merge has now come on gone but yet flux continues to develop. So in this section I will give you the latest news from around the ecosystem. Persistent storage has now entered beta. This has huge implications check out the below post.

    Flux Mining Reviews

    Ok in this section, I will be updating and providing you with all my latest Flux Mining Posts. This is being regularly updated so please bookmark and add the page to favourites and check back with us for regular updates.

    RTX 3070 – 60 / 61 Sols

    Next a quick review on the 3070.

    RTX 2080 Ti – 99 Sols

    RTX 2060 Super – 45 Sols

    Want to invest in Flux Nodes for more Passive Income?

    Mining is not the only option with Flux, you can gain additional rewards and Parallel Assets. This help host infrastructure and dAPPS for other projects, helping the world become more decentralized.

    You can learn more about this below.

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