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SoulAgain on Flux: A Beacon in the NFT Cosmos

In the ever-expanding universe of crypto collectibles, certain stars shine brighter than others. The '#SoulAgain' NFT, exclusive to the #Flux platform, is one such...

Secret Gardens of Kadena: Exciting Project Announcement!

Always building Secret Gardens of Kadena is gearing up for the Gen 1 NFT collection launch soon (13th May)! The launch will feature a...

Compete in Epic Battles With Wizards Arena NFTs

Wizards Arena is a digital collectible NFT game that allows players to build NFT collections and battle against each other in a fantasy world....

Kadcars – Leading the way with Dynamic NFTs

Kadcars is a project focused on a Web 3 Racing, but with a difference. It will incorporate Dynamic NFTs leading the way connecting a...

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